Old Fashioned

100ml - 25% ALC./VOL.

Whisky, Cane sugar, Bitters, Orange zest

The perfect Old Fashioned to go. Never too diluted, always well balanced. Did you know that this classic is considered by many to be the OG of mixology? This simple blend of whisky, sugar and bitters has been a staple since its inception and seduced quite a few legends among which Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sinatra as well as Mad Men’s iconic lead character Don Draper. Thanks, Don!

Our take on the OF keeps it simple, yet refined. It should please both long-time fans and curious casual drinkers!

Made with love with:

  1. Whisky 3 Grains – St. Laurent
  2. Cane sugar
  3. Bitters
  4. Orange zest

Feel like adding even more love:

  1. Fresh orange zest
  2. Maraschino cherry

Raffinement et équilibre des saveurs: l'évolution de la mixologie se glisse maintenant dans notre poche et nous suit dans toutes nos aventures.

Joël Pelletier Distillerie du St.Laurent

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Jean-Philippe Bouchard Distillerie du Fjord

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