Espresso Martini

100ml - 25% ALC./VOL.

vodka, espresso liqueur, coffee

The Espresso Martini’s motto existed well before the cocktail was born. The client’s order to the bartender left no doubt : Give me something that will both wake me and f**k me up! Need we say more? At Amour Liquide, we totally get that desire for a cocktail that makes you wanna strut your stuff after barely two sips. So much so that we’ve created a delicious version of this pick me up that you can carry from the waiting line up to the dancefloor!

Prep yourself up with this sumptuous blend of vodka, Italian espresso liqueur and coffee infusion from Pista, a Montreal based roaster.

Made with love with:

  1. Vodka
  2. Espresso liqueur – Luxardo
  3. Coffee brew – Pista

Feel like adding even more love:

  1. Serve in a pre-chilled stemmed glass
  2. A dash of your favorite bitter

Refinement and balance of flavors: the evolution of mixology now slides into our pocket, following us on all our adventures.

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